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Al’s Carpet Website and Logo

Al’s Carpet wanted to have a corporate site that could showcase their work and highlight the various brands they carry.

key west hair and makeup site design cari canary

Key West Hair and Makeup Site & Logo

www.keywesthairandmakeup.com Lorri Bolander of Key West Hair and Makeup was looking to create a “swirly girly elegant” brand for her existing bridal hair and makeup business.  She had an existing Typepad blog, so we created a full screen image WordPress site to be able to utilize all the beautiful professional bridal imagery of her work. 

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The Flight Club LA Website and Logo

www.theflightclubla.com The Flight Club LA was a cheeky play on the Fight Club movie logo.  The idea was to create the feel of a “secret” club of affordable aircraft available for rent, lease, or training.  The business cards had spot varnish and highlighted the Flight Club text and always get a chuckle when someone receives

final logo

Scientific Based Brand Mark

We created this 3D rendering of a continuity symbol for a client that wanted this in both the green color and white.


Flight Instructor Business Cards

We wanted to design a set of business cards for a freelance flight instructor that were not limited to a specific type of airplane.  We created something stylish and sophisticated for Frank.

aerotica op5

Aerotica Identity

Aerotica, a prospective Mile High club business, wanted to have a brand that was understated, sophisticated, elegant, and high end, reminiscent of a luxury car brand.  The outcome was a versatile logo that could be used with or without a nose art girl.

cari canary does Recurrent Training Center

Recurrent Training Center Website

www.rtcpilot.com Updated logo, website, and ads for Recurrent Training Center.  They wanted to reduce their expenditure with Google on adwords.  SEO was maximized by each course having it’s own training page on a wordpress site.  Within a month they had Google top billing and have been able to reduce their spend by more than 50%.