Horseback Riding Flyer

Postcard mailer created for Malibu horse riding.  They were part of a non-profit and horse therapy program, so we wanted to capture the spirit of the horse and the hills.


Jewelry Postcard Mailer

We did photography and layout of this postcards to highlight custom made wedding band variations targeting same sex couples in California during the Prop 8 debate.

Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 11.07.39 PM

Pilot Getaways Magazine Media Kit

Cari Canary worked with Pilot Getaways magazine to conduct a readership study to capture the demographics of it’s subscribers. We presented the data in an advertising media kit that portrayed the quality of the magazine. Additionally, we built a custom SugarCRM system to segregate current and potential advertisers for targeting email and direct campaigns. Cari